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What's the 3SS Library?

Monday, August 7, 2017

We give you so much freedom to design your own website in 3 Step Solutions that sometimes it can just be overwhelming! We don't want it to be underwhelming or overwhelming, so to make it be just "whelming" we've created the 3SS Library

What Exactly Is The 3SS Library?

The 3SS Library is a collection of pages and workflows designed by us, for you. With the 3SS Library, you can use pages from any of our Quick Start websites as well as specific page designs, such as opt-ins, on your own website. Easily add these "shared pages" to your site and customize them to match your style and needs! Get started in one...two...three...

Why Is The 3SS Library So Great?

The 3SS Library can cut your work in half. Say you want to have an ebook opt-in, but you're not sure how you want the page to look, what the form should ask for or any of the details really (we've all been there!). You can go to the 3SS Library and look through the page options to find one that could help create this workflow for you. Then you just go to the Backoffice of your website and under Page Builder go to "Browse Shared Pages" instead of "Add New...".

You can then search and add the page you want to use. Once it's added, you can edit it like any other page on your website!

But it doesn't stop there, you can grab shared forms, newsletters, autoresponders - basically ANYTHING for your website. 

Added Benefit For Team Members

Do you have team members on 3 Step Solutions that you want to share some of your pages, workflows or general content with? The 3SS Library can do that, too! Create a "Group," which you can either keep closed or open to anyone on the 3 Step Solution platform, and you can begin to share pieces of your website with that group. They can then use that content on their website.

What's The Catch?

We thought long and hard about who would benefit from this update the most. All 3SS users? Just a specific plan? We decided that our Professional and Unlimited users would see a huge benefit in the shared resources available in the library. 

This doesn't mean that our Quick Start users wouldn't, but we want you to focus on getting a clean site up, as quickly as possible. A library of resources can be a distraction from that goal (like when I need to clean my house and run across this great recipe that I need to try, right? ...I should probably clean first...). Once your site is live and you've perfected each part of it, it's time to upgrade and start digging into the shared possibilities of the library!

We want the 3SS Library to continue to grow and develop, in order to do this, we need your help! Let us know which pages you want to see (by opening a Support ticket) and start sharing your own designs with the 3SS community. We're so excited to see what you can do!