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Understanding Marketing Workflows

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Do you want to reach a bigger audience to share your product or business with, but don't know how to connect with them? When you have a website with 3 Step Solutions, this is an easy fix! All you need to do is start using the Marketing features available to you.

Before we dig in, let's get really simple: what is a marketing workflow? A marketing workflow lets you connect with your audience through a number of ways in a sequence. They can be built for a specific campaign or for evergreen use on your website.

The Basics

Every marketing workflow will consist of a promise, a form, and a follow-up. They may contain more, but they will always have those three aspects. Let's look at two examples, one simple, one more complicated.

Example 1: Newsletter Subscriber Workflow

I am looking to get people to subscribe to a newsletter for my business, this breaks down to:

  • Promise: Get information about my business monthly.
  • Form: Ask for First Name, Last Name, and Email, once someone submits the form their Contact gets tagged with "Newsletter."
  • Follow-up: Create a newsletter once a month and send it to all the Contacts with the "Newsletter" tag.

This simple workflow can actually already be found on every single 3 Step Solutions site when it is first created, but it is a little bit more behind the scenes than typical workflows. Since this newsletter form is built into every website, it is not found under "Forms" but only as a module to add to a page. But that doesn't mean this couldn't be recreated with a different form because it can! You just build a form and add the tag "Newsletter."

Example 2: eBook Campaign

For this marketing workflow, I want to get new contacts through an eBook I've created and then see if they'll make a purchase on my website down the line. To do this I'll want to share a landing page (in 3SS this is just a Campaign that's created in the Backoffice) that has a specific URL that only people who I share the link with can view. This workflow breaks down to:

  • Create Campaign landing page and share it.
  • Promise: Receive an ebook.
  • Form: Ask for First Name, Last Name, and Email, once someone submits the form their Contact gets tagged with "ebookcampaign."
  • Follow-up: Create autoresponder series that sends to new contacts with the tag "ebookcampaign." The first email in the series will send that day and contain the ebook. The second email will send two days later asking how they liked the information in the ebook and highlighting a product I sell that relates to the ebook and can benefit the reader. The third email will send 3 days after that and will contain use cases of this product and why it's so beneficial. The fourth email will send 6 days after that and will highlight an article I wrote that relates to the product and the ebook. The fifth and final email will send 4 days later and will contain an upsell for another product that again relates to the ebook, but differs from the original product.

In this workflow, there are a few more steps and aspects, but it still comes down to the same three principles: a promise, a form, and a follow-up.

Decide What You Would Like to Achieve 

Now it's time to create one for you. What do you want to achieve? Once you decide on that you can work backward to what you need to promise. Here are a few things you may want to achieve:

  • More blog subscribers
  • More customers
  • More people in my downline

These are all attainable goals! Once you decide what you want to achieve, you figure out your three principle aspects. Start with what you need to promise to interest your audience for your goal. For blog subscribers, you could offer a free ebook or a checklist. You don't need much information for blog subscribers, just their name and email, making the form easy. Then create the follow-up with the appropriate correspondence (this could be email or even a phone call).

Map Out Everything That Needs To Be Done

No matter the workflow, there are aspects that can fall through the cracks, the best way to prevent this is to literally write down every step that needs to be included in your marketing flow. This also makes sure you don't miss a single step and can guarantee that each step connects along the way.

Top 2 Marketing Workflows

1. New Newsletter Subscriber Nurture

We already provide a way to collect new newsletter subscribers, but this marketing workflow starts providing them information as soon as they startup. This is great way to nurture new subscribers and share with them your expertise and product/business.

This workflow starts with them subscribing to your newsletter, getting tagged with "Newsletter" and then you create an autoresponder that will set-up an initial email cadence. This begins with a "thank you for subscribing" but should follow with how to find certain resources on your website and your top performing blog articles. 

2. Downloadable Piece of Content

Most of your marketing workflows will be a variation of this one! Lead generation isn't a one-way street, if you want your site visitors information, you have to provide them something in return (but you know this already - it's the "promise" part of marketing workflows). Gated content (downloadable eBooks, checklists, etc) is content that is only available if a website visitor provides their information first. 

Gathering lead information through this marketing workflow also makes sure you are connecting to people who are genuinely interested in your business.

To complete this workflow, create an autoresponder with your downloadable attached in the email and follow the initial email up with other content they may be interested in.

We get it, marketing workflows seem intimidating, but they don't need to be! Still stressed about them? Comment below with your questions and we'll help you out!