3 Step Solutions News and Updates

Release Notes: Week of 3/19/2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

  • 3SS University moved into Help Center and everyone now gets 3SS Business Builder!
  • Site Header:
    • Social icon display options. Apparently you guys wanted some variety...now you got it. Watch Video Demo
    • Enable search for your website. Users don't have to know a shortcut anymore to search your pages. If you don't want a page to be part of search, make sure to check that within page settings. Watch Video Demo
  • Page Titles: The height of the title areas (not home page banner) are now adjustable at Back Office > Site Builder > Colors, Buttons and Fonts.
  • Blogs, News and Articles: Added "Show Form" feature so forms can be displayed below the content.
  • Forms:
    • Added support for section breaks and horizontal lines.
    • Allow dynamic variables in Email Subject (first name, last name, name, and email).
    • Updated field validation when forms are submitted.
  • Text Styling:
    • New options for links: You can chose the standard underline, or now the highlighted background color to denote a link. Watch Video Demo
    • New options for images: This allows you to make an image inline with text. Watch Video Demo
  • Settings: Add option to email website owner when new contacts are created.
  • Facebook Messenger: Test/Beta page created.
  • Bug: Contacts "Add Tags" (to multiple contacts at once) wasn't triggering Autoresponders.